Blind Item(Mid-Day) – Release Date – 22nd Dec

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Mid-Day has posted a blind item about the makers of an upcoming love saga fighting over the release date.
To be fair, releasing your movie along side a superstar from the Khan triumvirate doesn’t make good business sense. It doesn’t help either that the director’s last movie was a colossal flop. The lead star’s last outing flopped was well. Luckily for the makers, the superstar himself is a shadow of what he used to be. But just one big hit & he will be back in the reckoning. It should be noted that the superstar has always come out on top, whenever his movies have released on the same day as another actor’s movie.
The producer is probably uneasy because, it was this superstar who played a big role in taking his studio to where it is today. The superstar starred in several hits produced by his studio. He starred in his debut directorial, which is now considered a cult classic in the romance genre. They were best friends, with some rumors suggesting that they were more than just friends.
It was all hunky dory till the superstar cheated on his wife. Rumor has it that the superstar stopped his dalliance with the producer, once he started hooking up with one of his leading ladies. Their friendship soured badly. But things things are better now. Although they do not share the camaraderie they once used to.

Blind Item
The Director And Producer Of An Upcoming Love Saga Are At Loggerheads Yet Again. Sharp Differences Have Cropped Up Over The Film’s Release Date

The director and producer of an upcoming love saga are at loggerheads yet again. Sharp differences have cropped up over the film’s release date. The director is keen to stick to the initial announcement, while the producer is getting the heebie-jeebies as an A-list star’s film also releases on the same day.

Things came to a collision course recently when the director publicly declared that the film will hit the marquee as scheduled. Caught in the crossfire is the film’s cast, which includes a debutant who has been waiting for the launch for a while.

Our Guess:
Producer-Director: Karan Johar & Abhishek Kapoor
Movie: Kedarnath
A-list Star & his movie: Shahrukh Khan. Dwarf movie

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