Blind Item(Mid-day)-Nov

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Mid-day has posted a blind on two actors who are supposedly rivals. While there have been no stories of animosity between these two, we can’t help but marvel at the several similarities between the two actors. Both are superstars who have married star kids. Both cheat on these wives all the time. While one among them is smarter than the other – he hooks up with background dancers & AD’s on the set & stays away from leading actresses. As by now this veteran of the industry is aware that hooking with an actress draws a lot of media attention. But the other “player” can’t seem to stop himself from hooking up with every actress that he works with. He was recently rumored to hold secret auditions of a TV hottie. She is now being recommended by this superstar to all his industry friends!

Blind Item
The makers of this successful franchise recently announced another installment. It came as a surprise as there was no talk about it since its third outing a while back. This sudden decision has something to do with the film’s lead actor desiring to be one-up on his rival, who has just delivered a huge hit with his franchise of the same genre. Tch, tch, but then such is life dearies, especially in Bollywood.

Our Guess:
Actor: Akshay Kumar
Rival: Ajay Devgan