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Blind Item(Mid-Day) – Social Networking – 28th Aug

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Mid-Day has published a blind item about a classy star couple who are now too big on social networking.

Social media networking & followers plays a huge role in celebs landing big endorsement deals. Goes without saying that these endorsement deals runs into several crores. Brand managers are known to exhort stars to be more active on social media. Many of the celeb social media account handles are handled by talent management teams. Every tweet/post is paid for.

The funny part is that the stars mentioned are known philanderers(click here to read more). All those pics of their wives smiling with their kids is complete rubbish. The irony is both their wives are known to be very outspoken. But they both look the other way when it comes to their husbands cheating.

Blind Item
This reticent star couple has been putting up their private moments on social media, including pictures of their children. The actor, who is famous for his link-ups, and his bubbly wife were considered a reserved pair who fiercely safeguarded their privacy. B-Town folk were wondering at this sudden change of heart till a birdie stumbled upon the reason.

Like most stars today, they have brand managers, too, who have advised them that if they hope to endorse high-end luxury brands, they need to stay in the limelight like the Gen Next. Another star couple, known for their classy coolness and being away from social media, is also following in their footsteps. It won’t be too long before they have social networking accounts in place. After all it’s the leading brand endorsements and the big fat moolah that calls the shot these days.

Our Guess
Reticent Star Couple: Kajol & Ajay Devgan
Another Star Couple: Twinkle Khanna & Akshay Kumar

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