Blind Item(Mid-Day)- Incompetent Designer – 6th Dec

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Like we said in our previous article, Bollywood thrives on relationships. The latest blind item from Mi-Day about this incompetent designer too seems to suggest the same. Despite having received scathing reviews for his clothes in his previous stints for period epics, his buddy has still entrusted him with sartorial duties for his movie. There were rumors of these two being romantically involved earlier. But the filmmaker has now moved on to a young star, who acts in movies only produced by him.
There are several examples of actors, technicians, artistes being cast solely due to their relationship with Bollywood biggies. Networking is the name of the game in Bollywood. Solely relying on talent ain’t enough.

Blind Item
This Topnotch Filmmaker, Who Is Producing A Historical With A Leading Star, Has Roped In His Designer Buddy For The Costumes

This topnotch filmmaker, who is producing a historical with a leading star, has roped in his designer buddy for the costumes. The designer is a favourite of B-Town and is known for giving female actors a makeover. But his prowess when it comes to handling period dramas is questionable.

He had earlier called the shots in two costume dramas. His styling in both the projects had come in for a lot of criticism and the films bombed. So why does this finicky filmmaker keep using this designer for all his projects? Simply because the filmmaker does not know how to say no. Mixing business with friendship can sometimes be a recipe for disaster, but the producer cannot look beyond the designer.

Our Guess:
Filmmaker: Karan Johar
Movie: Brahmashtra
Designer: Manish Malhotra