Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-10th Nov

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Mumbai Mirror has been rather kind to this actor-director duo. What it is not telling is that this actor-director duo are a couple. How else will you explain this talented actor acting in movies only produced by this producer-director-TV show Judge? The other two actors apart from his lover boy, who were launched by the director in his movie have gone on to firmly establish themselves in the industry while his bf struggles to survive. He did give a hit last year in a movie starring his beard – the actress who also starred in his debut film & a foreign actor. The beard – the actress who has been forced to tell the world that she is his gf has been going steady with her high school bf for sometime now. It is funny how the director-producer calls his bf on his chat show & insinuates that he is a complete ladies man! There are a few articles online which claim that this duo was spotted romancing in Paris a few years back.

Blind Item
This mega producer & director seems rater concerned about the flailing career of this talented but unlucky actor. The filmmaker believes the magic wand of a talent management company will change the actor’s luck & revive his fortune. After all this very same agency under the aegis of this bright & low profile owner, has rewritten the destiny of a superstar previously. But oh, the film maker’s wards are also clients of this agency.So who said everyone in Bollywood has a herd mentality? Erm, we just did.

Our Guess:
Actor: Siddharth Malhotra
Director: Karan Johar
Talent Manager: Reshma Shetty (Salman’s ex manager)