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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-10th Oct

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go here This is the second blind item from the sets of the blockbuster franchise posted by Mumbai Mirror. Looks like Mumbai Mirror blind items are the latest way to create some buzz around an upcoming film project. We are shocked by the demeanour of the actor in question though, considering that he came across as humble & down to earth during his interactions withe the media.

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A wanna-shine actor must thank his lucky stars to be cast in this blockbuster franchise film. But alas, fame and class rarely go hand in hand.We hear that during a recent schedule in another metro, the actor kicked up a fuss for not being given a suite in a five-star hotel. The other leading actors were given suites, he protest ed. The staff explained to him that no other suites were available, but the actor would not pipe down. Finally, the larger-than-life producer ended up offering the actor his own suite, possibly in a bid to embarrass him.

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Wanna-shine Actor: Shreyas Talpade

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