Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-13th Nov

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He was never the leading man, but managed to date some hot looking women. One of his conquests was a leading actress, who had a tragic end to her life. His current wife is several years younger than him. He was married to a danseuse, who was notorious for her outrageous lifestyle. The couple has two kids, post which they got divorced. Her daughter is a chip off the old block & is known for her colorful love life. He bedded several women while married to her & she too had her share of fun in her lifetime. He also has had several stints in Hollywood. Last heard, he got into a squabble with the ex-wife of a Bollywood-Hollywood biggie over unpaid rent!

Blind Item
THIS senior actor, who cannot be called a leading actor by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, is contemplating writing a book. What’s this, you ask? Anyone who wants to write a book writes a book these days. Correct. But this gent’s memoirs are particularly interesting as his life is even more colourful than technicolour movies he still finds himself in. A leading publishing firm is surprisingly showing interest. But the actor says he’s waiting until he finds a good ghost writer. May we offer our services? We are quite colourful in our prose.

Our Guess:
Actor: Kabir Bedi