Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-15th Nov

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This is somewhat of a googly. While there were endless reports of the superstar & his ex-gf getting back together, we are shocked to read this blind item from Mumbai Mirror which speaks of a spat between the two. The superstar as usual must have been caught cheating again & hence the drama. He hasn’t changed a bit in spite of being over 50 years old! The actress must have known better. After all he cheated on her several times when they were together earlier, which explains why she left him for a younger man.

Blind Item
WHILE every actor with a new film around the corner is showing up at this reality show to promote their upcoming movie, this mega hero and super-heroine are playing truant. Even though they had allotted dates to shoot for the show, it seems the movie stars are not keeping their word. We hear a little professional spat has occurred between the two, and they won’t manage to keep up appearances during the show’s shoot. What’s this now? And we were told actors are in the business of pretending.

Our Guess:
Mega Hero: Salman Khan
Super Heroine: Katrina Kaif