Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-16th Nov

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This blind from Mumbai Mirror is about the producers who are known for their cool, hip, modern & urbane movies. It is sad that their movies are flopping & one of the partners recently got divorced & is was dating the actress daughter of a yesteryear villain. What not many people know is that this producer-director-actor swings both ways. His ex-wife is now dating the restaurateur brother of an actor who had a huge hit in the early 2000’s, but whose career went kaput post a series of flops.

Blind Item
MUCH trouble is brewing in this leading film production company. Sure, several of their films and shows have been bombing, but that isn’t all. We hear the two main founders of this enterprise are just not seeing eye to eye anymore. They have been arguing endlessly, even when not alone. Although it is still far from the company breaking up, several other team members are rather talented and interested in sticking it through. Let’s hope these former best friends arrive at a civil partnership, for we do want to watch some of their slick urban films.

Our Guess:
Film Production Company: Excel Entertainment
Founders: Ritesh Sidhwani & Farhan Akhtar