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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-18th Oct

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She is an engima. She was one of the biggest stars of her time. But she will always be remembered most for her affair with the biggest superstar the country has ever known. What few people are aware of is the fact that, they are still together! They do holiday together abroad every year without fail. Sources inform us that they were spotted together at Hyatt Dubai

Blind Item
‘TIS the season of biographies where leading ladies of a certain vintage are concerned. But the one that’s sure to be a bestseller ten times over is showing no signs of publication. Even though almost every film writer worth his movie ticket has approached the elusive one, she has been refusing all and sundry. Recently, at a movie screening, we heard her confide in a friend that she couldn’t commission a tell-all as she couldn’t skip the most obvious bits out. All in good time we say, after all, everyone loves a broken heart.

Our Guess
Actress: Rekha


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