Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – 1st Nov

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He has put on tons of weight, his movies are flopping, plus he is in love with a divorcee who left her husband for him! Funny that he was dating her ex sis-in-law. His mom suffered while his dad ditched his family for another woman. Now he has broken a home himself! He is probably scared to tell the world that he is hooking up with the ex sis-in-law of the most feared superstar in the industry & will keep it a secret for the longest time possible. Such a revelation will be bad for his image. His contemporaries meanwhile are zooming past him as far movies are concerned. Will serve him better to date an available woman & concentrate on his career instead. It is one thing to hook up with another man’s woman, but to get serious with her is not a good idea. A fourth generation industry scion will agree.

Blind Item
LAST weekend, our favourite sultry siren -just freshly divorced -spent her birthday weekend with her girlfriends at a foreign resort. Of course, as we would have suspected, her closet lover joined her there. Not only did he show up for her big day, he also presented her with a beautiful birthday diamond. It seems the two are a rather loved-up couple in private. But why fight shy of making their relationship public? Perhaps, it’s only a matter of time.

Our Guess:
Sultry Siren: Mailaika Arora
Closet Lover: Arjun Kapoor


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