Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – 23rd Nov

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Be it movies or any family owned business, there are bound to be clashes between the old & new schools of thought. This blind item from Mumbai Mirror is about this father-son duo, who have given us several hits & have a 100% track record. Our gut instinct tells us that the son is probably right. Being the fourth installment in the series, they have got to give their audiences something new. Time will tell, how well the movie does. While the son has been making headlines for his scandals, the father is India’s version of Harvey Weinstein! Don’t believe us, try googling this video about a character actor who spilled the beans about his indecent proposal. More recently, he made his latest conquest dance on an item number in a movie starring his superstar son. She coyly said “Anthing for the son”, to deflect attention from her relationship with the sleazeball dad!!!

Blind Item
A minor war has broken out in this otherwise thick-as-thieves father-son duo. While prepping for their upcoming film, the father wanted to collaborate with his usual band of writers. But sonny boy wanted to hire younger and newer writers, especially graphic novelists, to tell their story in an edgier and more innovative ways. Daddy dearest has told his son that he decides since he controls the purse strings. Now, this is something even good Indian sons are tired of listening to.

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Father-Son Duo: Rakesh & Hrithik Roshan