Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-2nd Nov

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They have been using each other ages. Both have cheated on each other when they were dating & on other people when they weren’t. So many blind items have been written on them. The actress is smart enough to know that being in the superstars good books can resurrect her flailing career.

Blind Item
ARE they, aren’t they? That’s the question on everyone’s lips about this beautiful couple from Bollywood, also known for making beautiful blockbuster films. With a major production coming up, the two have to keep their private lives under wraps. But if onlookers at a rooftop nightclub in Mumbai are to be believed, the two may just be through. Friends of the lady have been trying to hook her up with another good-looking actor–not a star yet, but better known for being the break-up buddy for several of film-land’s beauties. While the lovers’ break is a more permanent one or not, we’ll only know after the film is done with.

Our Guess:
Couple: Katrina Kaif & Salman Khan


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