Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-3rd Nov

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He is accused of murdering his dead ex-gf, his father is an alcoholic. Life has not been a bed of roses for this star. But he seems to find favor among the ladies. He seen getting cozy with another protege of his mentor at a party hosted by him a month back. But call it bad karma or plain bad luck, his movies have failed to make a mark. He does have an interesting project in hand with a southie director who has had a troubled personal life himself

Blind Item
THIS down on luck actor has one last chance to prove his mettle as a bankable star, and this thought is giving him sleepless nights. His love life, thanks to his own arrogance, went kaput earlier this year too, and other than his one-night-stands, the actor has no one to comfort him. So, or so we hear, he has hit the bottle and hard. The days he isn’t shooting, all he does is play video games and drink. He’s also ordered a neat little vaporiser from Amsterdam recently that helps him smoke in a more refined manner. Maybe a hit film will pull him out of his hole, or maybe not.

Our Guess:
Actor: Suraj Panscholi