Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-4th October

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click here The director who starred in several flops & later turned into a successful auteur gave a huge dud last year. He is under tremendous stress to ensure that his next movie succeeds, especially considering that he fought with the producers of his directorial debut! His protege on the other hand stared in a 100cr+ grosser last year & followed it up with a dud.

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THIS actor and director are at loggerheads even as the shoot of their movie is on. Their sparring is so intense that all of Bollywood is sniggering. While creative differences are not uncommon between professionals of their kind, what is interesting here is that the two are also mentor and protege.However, this current film shows a change in dynamic between the two. It’s the director-mentor who needs a hit film more than the actor this time.

f1ef70ea405fa33e11e97a152e3348df Our Guess:
Director-Mentor: Abhishek Kapoor
Protege: Sushant Singh Rajput

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