Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-6th Oct

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Just when murmurs of this incestuous couple had died down, Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about these two again. Its weird how the superstar’s wife who comes across as a typical leftist intellectual, is putting up with her husband’s womanizing.

Blind Item
A leading actor, and a veteran of several films, has been doing his darnest to promote his too-young-for him female co-star. Sure this is their second film together, and the two must have become good friends by now, but such barefaced nepotism seems to be getting his director’s knickers in a knot.Currently on location in a charming city in the north, the actor has been instructing the director to add a fresh scene with the nubile nymphet, or a new sequence with additional dialogues, and such. The director thankfully has a sense of humour, he’s agreeing to everything the actor is saying and then throwing out the extra footage. The ADs meanwhile can’t stop their giggling.

Our Guess:
Leading Actor: Aamir Khan
Nubile Nymphet: Faatima


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