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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-7th Nov

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Mumbai Mirror finally has posted an interesting blind item after weeks of peddling sub standard stuff. It is about a big shot producer-distributor & his penchant for young men. His ex-wife looks smoking hot & is currently dating a washed out actor turned entrepreneur. She even had a fling with a young hear throb earlier. Post his divorce he married our ravishing (pun intended) actress, who was at the fag end of her acting career. She is one actress whom we admire. She speaks sense & is a strong willed woman who is brainy & classy. Sad to know that despite having such a hot wife he seeks pleasure outside his marriage. Like thay say, Men will be men!

Blind Item
A former leading actress is having massive issues in her marriage we hear. Even though the two haven’t been seen together often, the husband is known to be a quiet fellow. But it seems he harbours a dark secret, he has a special propensity toward young men. This is also the reason why his first marriage went kaput.

Our Guess:
Actress: Raveena Tandon
Husband: Anil Thadani