Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-9th Nov

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He is truly his grandfather’s rightful heir. Not only is he a very talented actor & a superstar like his granddad, he is also famous for his long list of gf’s. Post hooking up with several actresses from India, he now boasts of a conquest across the border. Some of his Indian conquests include a 40ish fashion designer, the reigning queen of bollywood, the ex reigning queen of bollywood & a one night stand with a washed out actress. But the weirdest rumor we have heard about him is that he also hooks up with his best friend cum director of two hits. They are about to collaborate on another superhero flick as well. His latest squeeze was seen on Pakistani TV voicing her opinions against India! We are sure it was before she fell for our lothario.

Blind Item
A popular actor has just announced his new film.Oddly, he has taken off for a foreign location to “train“ for the role. He plays a musician, and we’re sure that there are enough musicians in India who could offer him advice.And then it hit us, the actor has been rumouredly dating a heroine from another country. While the two have been spotted holidaying abroad before, we hear he takes off for this megapolis every time he wants to hang with her. It’s sweet, and romantic, even if it befits another generation to behave in this manner.

Our Guess:
Actor: Ranbir Kapoor – he has signed up for Kishore Kumar biopic
Heroine: Mahira Khan