Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-9thOct

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While the world is taking sides in the most public feud in Bollywood, these actors are smartly milking the scandal to increase their popularity. While the actress has grown too big for her boots & is one flop away from oblivion, the actor on the other hand needs to do more movies. We do believe that the actor is innocent. How else do you explain not a single proof of them ever being together?

Blind Item
THIS Bollywood super stud seems to be in overdrive mode where his damage control is concerned. He has been giving interview after interview saying he doesn’t want to speak (the irony is biteable, innit?). But he has also surprisingly gathered support of a lot of his filmi friends to show support. We hear all this is part of his new PR strategy. The actor has a new film coming up where he plays a squeaky-clean protagonist and doesn’t want his bad-boy image ruining it.Incidentally, his pals standing by him are also clients of the same image management company.

Our Guess
Super Stud: Hrithik Roshan


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