Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Absconding Jeweller – 14th May

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a senior actor’s absconding jeweller BF.

click here This actor was known for her rivalry with a top “heroine” who is known for her over acting. They both debuted in the same year. Ironically the actor in question’s debut film was a blockbuster, while the heroine’s debut met a lukewarm response. The heroine was a loud mouth back then & this led to a war of words. The actor’s second film too was a huge blockbuster. The actor was under the delusion that she was the reason behind her movies turning into blockbusters. She chose to ignore the fact that her first film was a blockbuster due to her hero’s greek god looks, while her second film starred the then reigning action superstar. She started throwing her weight around, in spite of her movies flopping. Her career petered out within a few years. While her rival heroine is still around. Had she been more humble & not delusional, she probably would have still been around. There are news reports that she is into shady activities(click here to read about it). It is sad, how yesteryear female actors have to depend on rich BF’s or shady businesses to sustain their lifestyles.

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A former senior actor, known more for her social media rants than her work, is feeling a little calmer these days. It seems she has had her skirt in a knot over her current lover — a well-known jeweller who has been missing for the past many months and is suspected to have been kidnapped. It seems the lady has visited a tarot reader who has assured her that he is alive and well, and will be found soon. Our Guess
Senior Actor: Ameesha Patel

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