Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Airhead Actress – 31st Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about an airhead actress!
The airhead actress is the daughter of actor parents. Her father is a superstar, whose career is on the wane. Her parents are divorced. Her mother is managing her career. While the airhead actress is yet to debut, she is in the news for her love life & movie choices.
It is well known that star kids have it easy. They never have had to struggle for anything. Very few star kids are actually down to earth. Most believe that the world revolves around them & are entitled to their stardom. No wonder very few star kids actually make it big & even fewer actually maintain their stardom for decades. There are tons of actors who entered Bollywood with a bang, but were forgotten within a few years of their entry.

Blind Item
ANYTHING this gorgeous young girl does seems to make news. Whether she signs for a film, or signs off one. Whether she’s being chased by her co-star, or telling him off. And that every filmmaker is trying to sign her on. A leading producer, we hear, has approached her with not one but five different films. Unfortunately the girl has refused them all. This is a producer others would sell a kidney to just meet, never mind make a debut with him. Nonetheless, we hear the young beauty’s got bad attitude, and is already drawing flak for her high-handedness.

Our Guess:
Gorgeous Young Girl: Sara Ali Khan
Producer: Aditya Chopra


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