Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Airhead TV Star – Dec 20th

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Mumbai Mirror’s latest blind item is about an airhead TV star. She has recently signed a movie opposite a superstar & now looks condescendingly at her TV peers.
Our movie stars can learn a thing or two when it comes to throwing attitude, from their TV counterparts. While a movie star being an airhead is understood, we wonder what makes a TV star arrogant! They are just as famous as the TV show they are acting in. Once the show is over, the TV star is forgotten.
This female TV star has been shrewd enough to take the big leap into the movies. Her entry though has not been without controversies. She apparently had to go through multiple secret auditions with a superstar, to land the role. But then again, such stories are a plenty in the big bad world of Bollywood.

Blind Item
EVEN though this not-sofamous television actor has just signed on some big films as a leading lady, her former boots are already beginning to bite her. She was recently on the sets of a reality show, helmed by her mentor, where she kicked up a fuss about every little detail on the sets and in the green room. Not just that, she even refused to mix with her former colleagues because, according to her, she was in the big league now. Oh well, let’s hope her cookie doesn’t crumble soon.

Our Guess:
TV actor: Mouni Roy
Mentor: Akshay Kumar