Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Assistant Director – 16th Aug

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young actress who has found love with an assistant director.

What is it with actresses finding love with assistant directors these days? The actress in question was dating a director-producer for quite sometime. It is yet unknown why they broke up. Unlike other actresses this actress has a good & clean image. That is such a rarity in Bollywood.

On the career front, she is not where she should have been. She was touted as the next Kajol, but due to some bad movie choices she is now not in the top bracket. A multi starrer hit this year did help revive her career.

Blind Item
This young actress, not particularly known for a busy love life is in love with an assistant director who harbours hopes of becoming an independent director. She was previously dating a producer-director with whom she did two movies. The leading lady has preferred to keep a low profile about both her official relationships. She hopes this one lasts because she is not the straying sorts.

Our Guess
Leading Lady: Parineeti Chopra
Assistant Director: Charit Desai

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