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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Baby Fever – 31st Oct

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress who wants to have a baby with her fiancee, before they even get married!

For the longest time we thought their relationship was fake & that their marriage would get called off. But turns out we were wrong. The couple is getting married in January. Most of her friends were getting married & she did not want to be left out. So she did the shrewdest thing, snagged a hollywood celeb. This gets her publicity not just in India, but abroad as well. A lot of people will hate us for insinuating such things about this star. But our perception is based on what sources who work in the industry have told us, about her.
Do you know how she has her meal? By mixing different food items like dal, fried rice, manchurian gravy, pasta etc in a single bowl! That way she doesn’t have to miss out any food item that she craves for. She has limited meals in a day & that is the reason behind she perfect figure.

Blind Item

THIS diarist has friends in places both high and low. Then, there is a place at the intersection of both these worlds where people speak in whispers. And it was here that we heard about this newly engaged couple that has been talking about extending their family even before they have, well, become family. Of course, one of the bride-to be’s best friends, whose high profile wedding she attended a few months ago, has just announced that she is in the family way, and that could be one reason for her to talk about “catching up”.

The couple’s social media accounts seem to have caught the baby fever, and are replete with photos of kiddies from both sides of the family. Recently, when she posted a photo of her singer beau cradling her nephew, their followers on social media couldn’t help but remark that he would make a great dad. Some of them even asked the duo outright: “When are we going to see yours?”

We have heard that it won’t be long before that happens – because the desi girl in question is already a few months along the road to D-day. It is said that the two, who will line up for pheras a few weeks from now, are likely to share the good news early next year.

Our Guess

Newly Engaged Couple: Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas
Best Friend: Meghan Markle


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