Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Bad Photoshopping – 12th Feb

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a wannashine actress whose bad photoshopping skills have made her desperation to stay in the news obvious.

The clues given in the blind item are not enough for us to be sure about the celebs being spoken about. Besides if we were to name every attention hungry starlet in bollywood, we would list out all of bollywood. It is sad how these celebs will go to any lengths just to stay in the news. When they have paparazzi capturing their every move, they complain about lack of privacy.But when their movies flop & the paps lose interest, they start going silly things to get their attention. Hypocrisy thy name is Showbiz!

But when the biggest producer himself is a fake relationships publicist, what can you expect from lesser celebs. It is well known that this big shot bollywood producer himself calls up publications to feed them fake gossip about celebs starring in his movie. Remember the time he started this fake rumour about his married heroine hooking up with a young heartthrob just when his movie was about to release?(click here to read more)

Blind Item

A wanna-shine actor has devised an interesting plot to stay in the news. She has had her team super-impose her photo with that of her slightly more famous co-star and sent them out to publications claiming the two are having an affair. Little does she know her desperation was apparent. How come? A case of bad photoshopping, that’s how.

Our Guess

Wannashine Actor: Bhumi Pednekar
Co-Star: Sushant Singh Rajput


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