Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Befriending Famous Sisters – 10th May

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who befriends sisters of successful stars to get a foothold in Bollywood.
Befriending the sisters of the reigning superstar of Bollywood seems to be the best way to get the superstar’s attention. We have often wondered why no article on this tactic has been published in magazines. We have lost count of the number of actors who have done this.

Wannabe Starlet’s guide to make it in Bollywood

Step 1: Befriend his sister at a party

Step 2: Spend time with her & suck up to her. Wait to get an invite to visit her at her brother’s house.

Step 3: Flirt with the superstar when he is around

Step 4: Bed him & nudge him to recommend you

Voila! You are a Bollywood celebrity.

Blind Item
THERE are wonderful ways actors with little or no work stay in circulation. Several pretend to have romances with each other, others spread rumours of being offered suchand-such film but being too busy to do it, while yet others latch on to famous stars and join their cliques. But we have to hand it to this one female actor: her tactic is to befriend sisters of famous stars. So she is currently besties with the sister of one leading lady, and has also become rather pally with the sister of another action superstar. We wonder what gives, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Our Guess
Leading Lady: Kangana Ranaut
Action Superstar: Salman Khan
Female Actor: Difficult to guess. There are so many!

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