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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Being Mentor – 24th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the mentor of all aspiring stars in Bollywood.
He is known as the Charlie Sheen of India. He has a harem full of actresses, whom he beds as per his will. On his part, he recommends them to all his friends who are the who’s who of Bollywood. These actresses then land plum roles in the biggest movie projects. Two of his ladies even went on to rule Bollywood. It is this womanizing nature, which makes his gf’s cheat on him. After all which lady would want to share her guy with hundreds of other women?
On a coffee show, the superstar’s brother admitted that the superstar can’t live without sex. Sources inform us that when the superstar is in the mood for get some hooky, he scans around the set. He then approaches the girl whom he fancies with the offer. It is every girl’s dream to enter his harem & get movie projects in the bargain. Very rarely does it happen that a girl refuses the offer. This superstar indeed does know how to live it up! To his credit he has not married anyone. As he knows he can’t keep his thing in his pants.

Blind Item
THIS superstar mentor does seem to have a lot of time on his hands. While one of his lady minions is making a star turn in an upcoming film, he does care a bit too much about her role and appearance. We hear he has taken to supervising her look, not just in the film, but for public appearances, too. He didn’t particularly like her style of dressing, so he’s hired a team to style her for all promotions. Now, that’s what we call being friends with benefits.

Our Guess
Superstar: Salman Khan
Lady Minion: Maybe Isabelle Kaif. But then again there are so many to guess from!

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