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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Belt Up – 20th July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a debutante couple who was asked to sit on separate seats & belt up while their flight was taking off. They were cozying up on the same seat before they were pulled up by a senior citizen!

Very often it does happen that a debuting on screen couple replicates their romance on screen as well. Looks like this fresh on screen pairing is no different. The heroine lost her mother recently under tragic circumstances. People are still speculating whether her father murdered her. One rumor suggests that her mother was caught with another man, which led to her father getting into a murderous rage. Although we do not buy this story entirely, we can’t help but wonder, who does drowning in a bathtub?(click here to read more)

We do hope the newbie actress finds happiness in the arms of her hero. We can’t thing of a single debut film romance which lasted long enough, but hope this one does.

Blind Item
FLYING into Mumbai the other day (business class, naturally), the diarist experienced some air turbulence, but the monsoon clouds were not to blame this time. Right next to us was Bollywood’s newest couple indulging in some serious PDA. Things got a bit tricky when the inseparable twosome insisted on cuddling together on the same seat, even as the plane readied for take-off. This raised the hackles of a senior co-passenger who called out the actors by their names and insisted that the two take separate seats and belt up. The young male star, no doubt wanting to impress his debutante leading lady, put up a fight saying stars should not be singled out, but the older co-passenger kept up his tirade. Eventually, after take-off and once the seatbelt sign was switched off, the love birds quietly exchanged their seats with other passengers, no doubt for some giggles and quiet time.

Our Guess
Couple: Ishan Khatter & Janhvi Kapoor

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