Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Better Be Safe Than Sorry – 11th Sept

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a producer who has put a formal anti sexual harassment policy in place. He thinks its better to be safe than sorry.

Bollywood is replete with stories of this actor’s skirt chasing ways. He is doing well in his career, but he can’t seem to keep his thing in his pants. He successfully transitioned from TV to films. He was dating a female star, but she dumped him after news of him misbehaving with another co-star broke out. He used to physically abuse her, but she still put up with it. There were rumors of him cheating on her as well. But looks like she has had enough(click here to read more)

Not just a 20 something debutante, he misbehaved with a star kid as well. He may try to paint a good image by donating millions to charity, but his skirt chasing may end up his career prematurely.

Blind Item
THIS young lady who will be making her film debut later this year seems to have her head firmly screwed to her shoulders. When her co-star, known for his errant ways, came on too strongly, she politely but firmly put him in his place. As word of this got around, another Bollywood producer, a corporate honcho, who also happens to be working with the said male star, immediately took precautionary action and put a formal anti-sexual harassment policy in his company. Better be safe than sorry. Well done, sir.

Our Guess:
Young Lady: Sara Ali Khan
Producer: Ronnie Screwwala