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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Bollywood Damsel – 1st August

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a bollywood damsel who was seen cosying up to a married actor.

We thought this actor was one of the more decent ones of the lot(click here to read more). There were no rumors of him hooking up with any of his actresses. Nor were there rumors of him abusing drugs or being a heavy drinker. But we are sad to find out that he has been cosying up to the actress of his upcoming movie.

The bollywood damsel mentioned in the blind item is married to a foreigner. Looks like the long distance relationship has been crumbling. There were rumors of her hooking up with another actor as well. While she has been flying high professionally, her personal life is giving her sleepless nights. We hope she sorts this mess at the earliest.

Blind Item
WE recently saw this up and coming handsome actor getting all cosy with this lovely little Bollywood damsel at a party. While the actor is a family man, with a wife and child back home, the heroine has been estranged from her husband of several years. The two have also been tweeting to each other rather openly, but then all of Bollywood is so nice to each other (only) on social media.

Our Guess
Bollywood Damsel: Radhika Apte
Actor: Ayushman Khurana

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