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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Celeb Romance – 16th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item, about a romance brewing between two celebs.
Both are star kids, with oodles of talent. The young single superstar is tipped to rule Bollywood, post the Khan triumvirate’s retirement. He has the best line up of movies this year. His latest co-star, is probably one of the most talented female actors of Bollywood today. While the male superstar is notorious for his womanizing ways, the lady has had he heart broken by another superstar. Her ex-bf chose his long term gf over her. Her ex is expected to marry his long term gf anytime soon.
The lady’s latest conquest on the other hand was last heard to be dating an actress from a rival nation. We wonder how the actress’s BFF, who also happens to be the male superstar’s ex feels about their growing closeness! We are sure that friendship won’t last too long.

Blind Item
IT couldn’t be any more than a dream come true for this young and attractive female actor. As a teenager, she harboured dreams of being an actress, and had a crush on this heartbreaker actor. She has spoken about him in previous interviews too, stating her desire to work with him. And now finally, she has signed on a film with him. But it doesn’t end there: rumours of the two romancing are all over town. They recently even holidayed together and visit each other, but say it’s all professional. Except, we’ve heard that too many times before.

Our Guess:
Female Actor: Alia Bhatt
Heartbreak Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

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