Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Celeb Shenanigans – 25th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror’s latest blind item is about celeb shenanigans.
This celeb actor duo is notorious for their shenanigans. The husband whose career is on the wane was in the news for walking out of a project at the last minute. His wife has been known to be a diva, who fusses about everything. She is known as an ice queen & a complete snob.
Wish they had learnt a lesson or two about professional behavior from their celeb father/father-in-law. He has been a megastar & we have never heard about him throwing a tantrum. He is known for his professional behavior & dedication to his craft. The fact that he is a womanizer is a different issue altogether though!

Blind Item
THE ways of Mr Diva and Mrs Tantrum are really getting the film industry’s goat. But more than colleagues, it’s the staff of these two that has just had enough. We hear the missus has a makeup person for all her public appearances. The makeup assistant was late this one day, and Mrs lit into her. Soon enough, she threw a clutch of makeup brushes on the young girl’s face. The girl just stormed off using some rather unpleasant words for the madam in return. Welldeserved, we say.

Our Guess:
Mr. Diva & Mrs. Tantrum: Abhishek * Aishwarya Bachchan


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