Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Competing Debutantes – 6th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about competing debutantes who are indulging in a game of one upmanship with each other.

Both are star kids. While one’s mother was probably the biggest female superstar the country has ever seen, the other is the daughter of two successful actors. If we were asked to choose between the two, we wouldn’t think twice before naming the one with royal lineage. Not only has she delivered two hits, her off screen persona too is winning her a lot of fans(click here to read more). She comes across as lively & has an alluring personality.

The other star kid on the other hand, too delivered a hit. She is dating her co-star from her debut film. We had mentioned how the BF’s brother was pissed, when her step bro mentioned he that the BF keeps “buzzing” around her. This star kid has army biopic lined up. Let’s see how well she does for herself. One shouldn’t forget that the ex-reigning superstar was popularly considered to be more charming than the perfectionist superstar. As we speak the perfectionist superstar, who is considered boring by his rivals, is winning in the box office race. The ex-reigning superstar better reinvent himself quick.

Blind Item

WE have heard of heroines fighting over leading men, and even fashion designers, but these two young beauties take the cake. While one of them, who had a later debut but a far more successful one, is being managed by a top firm, the other one wants to be part of it as well. But as the firm can’t manage two competing debutantes, they politely refused. Now we hear she is trying to get the company to exit from their duties towards the more successful actress and sign her on instead. And here we thought cat fights were so last generation.

Our Guess

Competing Debutantes: Janhvi Kapoor & Sara Ali Khan


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