Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Constant Interference – 8th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress whose movie is getting delayed because of her constant interference.

The self proclaimed bollywood queen is back in the news. While her outspokenness has won her many admirers, her box office standing is not going great. Most of her recent movies have been flops. Success has clearly gone to her head. While her movie’s posters have garnered interest it remains to be seen whether the movie manages to impress the audiences. If the movie succeeds then she will continue to be around for 4-5 more years, but if it fails then god save her. She has fought with half of the industry & bollywood thrives on relationships more vis-a-vis the box office standing.

A TV star is making her bollywood debut in this movie. Our sources inform that her ex-BF, now a established bollywood star is trying to woo her back. But she seems to have moved on.

Blind Item

A LEADING actor has been in the news lately for some rather unflattering reasons. We hear the film she is currently shooting for has run into delays, thanks to her constant interference. It seems she wants to change the genre of the film altogether. Well, this isn’t the first time she’s messing things up, we hear. A couple of years ago, she was starring in a thriller, but midway through the film, she decided to get the director turn it into a comedy. Ulp, not a funny matter, this.

Our Guess

Actor: Kangana Ranaut
Film: Manikarnika
Previous Film: Simran


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