Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Crackling Chemistry – 2nd April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind Item about the crackling chemistry a young actor shares with an actress, which has upset another actress

This actor who just delivered a hit is regularly in the news for his dalliances with two women. It is very obvious that these stories are planted by none other than their mentor. This producer is the biggest source of fake blind items. A few weeks back, there were blind items about the actress’ relationship with her debut co-star.

These three stars are starring in upcoming movies produced by their mentor. This is his favorite way to create a buzz around his movies.

Blind Item

YOUR diarist has learnt that a newbie in the entertainment scene is really upset with a young actor who, in the short time he’s been in B-town, has earned himself a reputation as a Casanova. While this young lady has been wearing her heart on her sleeve, she has just learnt that the man she was crushing on has been getting cosy with his new leading lady, who has also started gushing about him rather publicly. During a recent film schedule, the crackling chemistry between the two was obvious to all; it’s apparent even in their social media posts and exchanges. All of this has not gone unnoticed by the young starlet. She may have transferred her affections to her co-star, but he’s already hooked and booked. Ah well, the path to love shav, ishq vishk never did run smooth.

Our Guess

Young Actor: Kartik Aaryan
Young Lady: Sara Ali Khan
New Leading Lady: Ananya Pandey


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