Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Crumbling Personal Life – 25th July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor whose crumbling personal life is the reason for him delaying the shooting for an upcoming film.

A lot of actors have come out in the open & spoken about their mental health issues. Mental health issues are not a taboo anymore. It is sad how this actor has mismanaged his personal life. His womanizing is the reason behind his divorce as per tabloids(click here to read more). His daughter especially the elder one has squarely blamed him for the divorce.

He was rumored the dating the ex-wife of a superstar. But both denied the affair. Both have ended divorcing their spouses. People suspected that she was the reason behind the divorce. But turns out the actor was dating a brazilian model. But being immature & cheating on your spouse has its own side affects. While the wife is being portrayed as a saint, gossip claims otherwise. Sources claim that the wife was party of a powerful girl gang of WAG’s. They regularly snorted coke & enjoyed the company of hot young men.

Blind Item
IN these times of mental health awareness, we really commend stars who come out and discuss their issues, whether in public, or at least to their colleagues. Which is why we think it’s great that this actor, who hasn’t had a great run at the box office for the past few years, and has also had his personal life crumble at the same time, is reaching out for help. The actor was to start shooting for an upcoming film this month. But he has requested the film’s makers for some time, citing stress and depression. He has told the producers that December would be good time to start shooting. We wish him good luck.

Our Guess
Actor: Arjun Rampal
Movie: Paltan

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