Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Cryptic Message – 4th June

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about a female star, who has posted a cryptic message on social media. Sources claim it has to do with her ex-BF & BFF, who are currently dating each other.

While we thought the celebrity divorce which was announced last week will grab headlines for weeks, we were proved wrong(click here to read more)The admission of the young heartthrob about his new romance with a young superstar has led to their fans going berserk. While fans of the female star who posted the cryptic message are angry with her BFF for breaking the code, the BFF’s fans are jubilant. The young heartthrob is quite the catch owing to his lineage, good looks & superstardom. He is on his way to rule Bollywood in the near future. This along with her previous ex-BF’s womanizing is what made the female star to leave her ex-BF, who is now the reigning superstar for the young heartthrob. Her BFF on the other hand has always claimed to have a massive crush on him. She was just out of a serious relationship, when they met(click here to read more). The hearththrob’s mother & sister are happy with his choice unlike the female star’s case. The young heartthrob was last dating a Pakistani import, but we wonder what happened to that romance.

We wonder how the female star’s previous ex-BF is patient to give her a crying shoulder everyday. He has a GF of his own. But then he is known for his weakness for women. The female star too is not known to be too faithful. She was rumored to have an affair with a greek god superstar & even met her previous ex-BF on the sly. This led to fights with the young heartthrob. Then his parents sent him details of her shady past & he ended the relationship promptly. We think it not loss of love, but loss of the lineage which is making the female star shed tears. She seems to be too fake & manipulative. Neither was she liked by her previous ex-BF’s family nor was she liked by the young heartthrob’s family.

Blind Item

ALL eyes are on the beautiful ex ever since the roguish Romeo announced who his next steady date is, and the girl has turned out to be the ex’s supposed bestie. While the jury’s still out on whether a girl code was broken, the ex posted a cryptic message on her social media. And even though no one’s asked her for her take on the renewed status update yet, we hear she has been bawling her eyes out on the shoulder of her other famous ex. Insiders tell us she has been meeting her previous ex daily and seeking solace in, and strength from, his company. Confused? Well, in this town, relations often change post a film’s release.

Our Guess
Beautiful Ex-lover: Katrina Kaif
Roguish Rmoeo: Ranbir Kapor
Supposed Bestie: Alia Bhatt

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