Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) - Delayed Debut - 27th April

Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Delayed Debut – 27th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a tall lad whose debut has been delayed.
The tall lad mentioned in the blind item is the son of a yesteryear action star. He is in a committed relationship. His girlfriend was recently spotted at his mother’s birthday bash. His father’s physique can still give youngsters a run for their money. His sister has fizzled out post her flop debut. His sister is rumored to be dating the overweight actor son of a producer. While all the members get noticed for their looks & get spoken about for their affairs, barring the dad none of them have a career to speak of!

Blind Item
IT’S been over a year since an A-list production house announced the debut of this handsome young man. But the tall lad is still waiting for the shooting to begin. There has been no progress on his film’s script, nor has a director or a female lead’s name been finalised. In fact, a more formal announcement was expected to happen in December last year, but he is still waiting. The good thing is the young man is still fresh out of acting school, and is still very young, and can afford to wait. Not endlessly, though.

Our Guess
Tall Lad: Ahan Shetty
A-list Production House: Dharma

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