Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Do Fool Ek Maali – 16th March

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about these two phools or should we fools fighting for the love of this maali.
This is the second time Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item on the same topic. We were contemplating whether or not to print this blind item. The superstar’s ex-gf seems to be in no mood to move on. The ex-gf’s BFF on the other hand has always claimed to be in love with the superstar. Ladies just can’t resist the charms of a playboy can they? There seems to be some allure in reigning in a playboy & get into en exclusive relationship with him. They think they are exceptions But unfortunately they mostly turn out to be the rule just all the other women whom he has bedded & not the exception

Blind Item
THESE two young leading ladies, who pretend to be great friends (at least, going by their recent social media posts), are actually fierce competitors. Both are struggling to be A-listers, despite starring in blockbuster films with topdrawer actors. While one looks great, her histrionics leave us scratching our heads. The other is talented, but has been rejected by audiences. And trapped in between these two smiling cats who would rather scratch each other’s eyes out is a heavyweight star, who is trying to maintain his calm. Such a cliché.

Our Guess
Leading Ladies: Aalia & Katrina
Heavyweight Star: Ranbir Kapoor

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