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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – The Escort – 2nd Feb

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about this actor who is now an escort!
While we ordinary citizens envy the lifestyle of celebs, what few people know is that they don’t have it easy. Take the case of this actress who starred in two blockbusters before her career went kaput. She was known to be very arrogant. There are several articles published about her starry ways. She dated a divorced director & fought with her family to be with him. But unfortunately her relationship too didn’t work out.
It is sad to know that she has now turned into an escort. We have been hearing for years about actor turning to escort to support their extravagant lifestyle. Some top female actors too are rumored to be available for a price. There are several stories of actors adding a few zeroes to their bank accounts post trips to Dubai, London Or New York. Rumor has it that the scion of a top Bollywood family broke off his engagement with a top actress after he found out that he gf was an escort in London, before her Bollywood foray. Now you know why upper class mothers don’t want their sons to marry actors!

Blind Item
SHE may be have had among the most glorious launches the movie business has ever seen, and we’d say a rather respectable career thereafter too, but all the awful clichés one hears about the industry seem to have come true for this damsel. Out of work for several years now, the very attractive female actor has turned to not-sorespectable means to earn her livelihood and Louis Vuittons. We hear she is now part of an elite escort company based in London. This seems to be a new appointment for her, for not too long ago she was accompanying a former senior actor, on strictly contractual basis of course.

Our Guess:
Female Actor: Amisha Patel


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