Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Ex BFF’s – 27th Dec

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about two ex-BFF’s. One of them getting luckier than the other seems to have driven a wedge in their friendship.
While both of them were launched in a movie last year by a superstar, one of them is shrewder than the other. She used her good looks to seduce the superstar, who launched them. 50 year old men find it difficult to resist the charms of women in their 20’s I suppose. This has ensured her a longer shelf life at the movies. She is thrilled at being part of the next big film starring her superstar sugar daddy. He has been recommending her to all his friends in showbiz.
On the other hand, her co-star stuck to her principles. There have no rumors of any link-ups with stars or her bagging any role in a big movie. Her big hit last year will be soon forgotten. She better sign a movie soon or else she will have to bid her movie career goodbye.
Wish we had a nickel for every time a talented actress decided to make it big solely on the basis of her talent. We would be millionaires by now!

Blind Item
THESE two have been spotted together everywhere, ever since their debut film made money in record numbers a few months back. They appeared together at every party, chat show, interview and photo-op; one had begun to think they are inseparable. But no sooner did one of the pair sign on her next film — and a biggie at that — did the cracks in their friendship appear. The more successful one became too starry in her manners and left the other one behind. So now, they barely hang out or talk to each other. They even have separated their gym routines, the ultimate in a BFF break-up.

Our Guess:
EX-BFF’s: Fatima Sana Shaikh & Sanya Malhotra

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