Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Feuding Filmmakers – 22nd May

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about two feuding filmmakers who are back to being friends.

We had forgotten to publish this blind item. Thanks to an alert reader who told us about the missed blind item, we are publishing it today.

This head honcho of a music label is known for his cunning & business acumen. He is known to be a shrewd businessman & does not let go of a single penny easily. He sidelined a top singer several years back for demanding royalty for profits accrued from their songs. Royalty to singers & musicians was a hotly debated topic back then. But the music baron did not pay heed to their demands & showed the singer the door.

Looks like, he tried to cheat this hit director as well. Despite their movie being a huge hit, he was not given his share of the film profits & the director took the music baron to court. But all is well that ends well. They both are now back to being friends.

Blind Item
THESE two filmmakers have been fighting over finances for the last five years. They even took each other to court over non-payment of dues, and have bad-mouthed each other to anyone who would lend them an ear. But now we hear the two have buried the hatchet, and are buddies once more. If that isn’t enough, they are even collaborating on a new project: they are reviving one of their older films. We love the movie biz, there are no permanent friends and no permanent foes.

Our Guess
Two Filmmakers: Anees Bazmee & Bhushan Kumar

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