Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Fussy Star – 14th Dec

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Mumbai Mirror’s latest blind item is about a fussy star, who was overshadowed by a young female actor.

Born to a megastar father & a mother reknowned for her acting chops, pressure is bound to be immense. He started off his career with several flops. But kept getting relaunched thanks to his lineage. As is well known, Bollywood does look after its own ilk. Post several years of starring in duds, luck finally shined on him. He gave several hits & was considered as a young heart throb. But just as his career was taking off, he married a superstar known to jinx the careers of the men she got involved with. Post his marriage to the diva, his movies flopped badly & he was out of the reckoning. He has starred in a few hits lately, but they were all multi-starrers & the hits weren’t attributed to him.
When you career is not going great guns it is wise to bask in all the publicity you get. Instead this star made a fuss about the media glare at a sports event. It will serve him better, if he stops aping his diva wife & learns from his megastar father for once.
Rumor has it that he is secretly gay. His marriage is just a facade. The worst allegation is that his wife & father have a thing going on. Ewwww!
As far as the young female actor is concerned, she has been in the news due to a molestation case lodged by her. The jury is still out on whether her case is genuine. She has been known to treat her staff badly & is known to have an attitude problem. But we will not comment on whether she is over reacting. She may have been genuinely harassed. But if she is over reacting we feel sorry for the guy, whose career is finished.

Blind Item
ORGANISERS of a sporting event last week have had a rather tough job, for most of the past week was spent dealing with an actor who was roped in as chief guest. He had given a rather strict mandate to the organisers where the invited media was concerned; they weren’t allowed to ask him about his personal life, his wife and child, or his work. Several diktats arrived from him almost daily. But as luck would have it, his thunder was stolen by a much younger and newer female actor who has been dogged by an unfortunate controversy lately. The media persons present barely looked at the senior actor. And that’s why we always say, be careful what you wish for.

Our Guess:
Male Actor: Abhishek Bachchan
Female Actor: Zaira Waseem