Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Gate-Crash A Wedding – 24th July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a star who is known to gate-crash weddings & parties to be in the news.

Bollywood stars never cease to amuse us with their antics. They go to extreme lengths for the sake of their careers. Which often leads to embarrassing situations. While some can write books on how to gate-crash a wedding, others don’t think twice before sleeping with powers that be for plum acting assignments(click here to read more).

The star mentioned in the blind item has starred in a few risque films & was a TV star. She was the mistress of a Bollywood producer-director, whose son is a superstar. It was thanks to her sugar daddy’s insistence that she did an item number in their last home production. She claimed that she did it only for her sugar daddy’s superstar son!

Blind Item
A young and beautiful rising star has been the talk of the town lately. It has little to do with her beauty or stylish wardrobe. It’s her knack of showing up at the most happening parties that’s making people notice her. Last year, she showed up at a wellknown designer’s mega birthday bash, since she knew the party would be filled with movie stars. And last weekend, she apparently gate-crashed a wedding party. The buzz around the ballroom was that she knew neither the bride nor the groom.

Our Guess
Rising Star: Urvashi Rautela

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