Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Generous Bhai – 4th Dec

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This blind item from Mumbai Mirror is about the generous bhai of Bollywood. He is known to splurge on his near & dear ones. His generous nature is stuff legends are made of. It is true that he does a lot of charity. What people aren’t aware is that him being ade to look human is one big PR gimmick. He is paid to be the brand ambassador of a brand which has several stores. The company which manufactures them is listed on the stock exchange!
His personal life has been garnering a lot of attention. He is spoilt for his choice between his current gal & ex-gf. Wonder whom. he will choose. His current non-fily gf seems to be the better choice. But then bhai is known to make horrible choices when it comes to his personal life

Blind Item
WHILE everyone and their sister speak so highly of this actor’s generosity, perhaps the one who speaks it loudest is his own sister. The actor is said to spoil her silly. But that doesn’t mean he will toss up the opportunity to complain about her either. It seems that the little lady has the habit of going up to her beloved bhai and asking him for credit card. Then she plans a foreign trip with her husband, and returns with suitcases filled with designer handbags. It doesn’t end there, she often forgets to return the credit card too. Lucky or plucky?

Our Guess
Bhai: Salman Khan
Sister: Arpita Khan