Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – GF’s Diktat – 2nd April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a star’s GF passing a diktat, to not work with a particular actor.
WAG’s & their diktats are not alien to Bollywood. The wife of a action superstar, who was last seen in a social drama passed a diktat to not work with a female actor several years back. The female actor is now a globally renowned face. She was also in the news for her affair with another married superstar. Apparently his wife too passed a diktat which barred him from working with the actor.
The male actor mentioned in the blind item is on a winning streak. None of his movies have flopped till date. His dalliance with this female actor was his only indulgence. The female actor has now reportedly moved on to another young superstar. But our sources inform that the young superstar is still going strong with a pakistani actor. They were clicked together while on vacay together in the US.

Blind Item
THE much talked about dalliance between this lead pair of several hit films in the past few years seems to be over. The male lead has returned to his former love after the quickie romance, and the female actor has moved on equally quickly. But the real broken hearts belong to their fans; the hero’s long-term girlfriend has issued a strict diktat that he isn’t to work with her anymore. So no, we won’t be seeing this magical pair on the screen anytime soon. Meanwhile, your diarist wishes people kept their pants on for professional reasons at least.

Our Guess
Male Lead: Varun Dhawan
Female Actor: Siddharth Malhotra
Long term GF: Natasha Dalal

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