Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) - Glamorous Introduction - 19th April

Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Glamorous Introduction – 1st June

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about the glamorous introduction of an actor by the reigning superstar. He is two timing a model & a female star.

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source url Irrespective of what people may say, the reigning superstar indeed does have a heart of gold. The list of actors, musicians, technicians he has launched or given a break is endless. He may have a harem full of gf’s(click here to read more)but he does his bit for men as well. There are several stars & junior artistes who swear by the large hearted star. follow site Blind Item THE movie business is in a tizzy with the glamourous introduction of a new actor. But those in his mentor’s camp claim that it was always in the offing. There are rumours of him dating a leading lady, who was recently in the news for her superb fitness regime. But some say the lad is a two-timer, and is also slyly dating a model on the side. Oh well, if people behaved themselves, we’d honestly have nothing to write about.

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New Actor: Zaheer Iqbal
Mentor: Salman Khan For the latest TV Shows & Movies click here

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