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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Growing Families – 23rd April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about how growing families is the solution employed by heroes to save their marriages.
He recently played second fiddle to the antagonist & the heroine in recent superhit. His career is not where it should have been. He is sandwiched between the superstars who are in their 50’s & the new lot in their 30’S. Truth be told the newer lot has more box office muscle than him. One of them clearly stole the show in their previous movie together. Instead of concentrating on giving a superhit, he is indulging in extra marital affairs.

Our sources inform us that he has always been a womanizer. He cheated on a superstar heroine with one of his co-stars. This co-star debuted with him in a rom-com. He also cheated on the superstar heroine with another star known for her power packed performances. No wonder that the superstar dumped him for another hero, whom she ended up marrying.

Blind Item
A recent announcement by a good-looking hero hardly surprises those who have worked with him lately. It seems that the hero’s missus discovered his love affair with his stylist, and was understandably livid. Fearing the great excoriation his image would undergo if his philandering came to light, said hero begged for another chance. Second chances and growing families have been known to save many marriages, so why not this one.

Our Guess
Hero: Shahid Kapoor
Actor’s Wife: Mira Rajput

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