Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Hindi Comeback – 28th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a director who is on a hindi comeback trail & his female star’s weight issues.
His debut hindi movie is a cult crime classic. It was a box office hit & its lead star won several awards for his performance. Instead of choosing projects wisely he went on a signing spree & as expected his career came to an abrupt halt after a spate of flops. He then ventured towards regional cinema & achieved good success. He is now a name to reckon with in regional cinema. After several years, he is now on a comeback trail & signed up ana ctor known more for his martial arts expertise & less for his acting chops. We wonder whether this hero he still dating that TV superstar, who became infamous due to a sex clip which did the rounds.
The leading lady mentioned in the blind item is going through a heartbreak. She fell for the wrong guy. The guy is a known casonova who has dated several actors & models. She was hoping that he would end up with her, but Alas!

Blind Item
WE haven’t seen much of this beautiful actor for a while. Her romantic liaisons have made more news than her last few movies. So when this veteran but forgotten director came out of the woodwork and called upon her to star in his upcoming film, albeit for a bit role, she agreed. The only hitch was they were to start shooting in less than three weeks and she was asked to get skinny for her part. We hear she survived on only water and juice for 18 days, until she got to the required size. Oh well, we’ve heard of worse reasons to diet.

Our Guess
Beautiful Actor: Sonakshi Sinha
Forgotten Director: Mahesh Manjrekar

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