Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Hit Rock Bottom – 29th Nov

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a bollywood director who has hit rock bottom post being outed in the #MeToo scandal & bankruptcy due to his gambling addiction.

His father was a rich man, who went bankrupt. He & his family did not have a house of their own while growing up & stayed in the cousin’s attic. His cousins were rich & were part of the Bollywood elite. His sister started off as an AD & then went on to become a successful choreographer. She is now one of Bollywood’s top directors. He on the other hand started off as a comic on TV. He too went on to direct successful movies. But success went to his head. He started telling people that his movies are hits solely because of him & had nothing to do with the presence of an A-lister in all of them. The moment the A-lister heard of this, he stopped working with the director. Goes without saying all his subsequent films were super flops. His producer too had a fallout with him. His producer started bedding his GF – a bubbly star. The next installment of his hit franchise starring the A-lister was helmed by a newbie director & became a hit.

The director finally came to his senses & apologized to the A-lister. The A-lister took him back & agreed to star in the next installment of the hit franchise to be directed by him. But as luck would have it before the movie could release, he was outed in the #MeToo scandal. He is known for his betting addiction. He was named by a bookie along with the brother of the reigning superstar. His sister once said that the thing which scares her the most is to live without a home. Sad, how the once successful director who went from rags to riches, will be back on the streets post these setbacks.

Blind Item

THIS onetime successful industry insider has hit rock bottom. We hear he has been abandoned by several of his friends, at least publicly, after he was accused by several women of sexual harassment. That’s not all. We hear that the gent is seriously addicted to gambling and has wagered away pots of money, and is nearly bankrupt. Oh well, when it rains it really pours.

Our Guess

Industry Insider: Sajid Khan


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